How to do a Ryuko Matoi Makeup of Kill La Kill

Ryuko Matoi doesn’t really wear makeup. She has very simple look, bare face with angry eyes. So, to achieve Ryuko’s look,  blue contact lenses are needed because Ryuko has blue eyes. Let’s start with a clean face then we need to conceal the eyebrows because Ryuko has angry eyebrows.brow

We will use glue stick method in concealing the eyebrows. First cover completely your eyebrows with the washable glue stick. Then brush your eyebrows with spoolie brush in the direction they grow. Let it dry. Put another coat of glue across the brows, then use a metal spoonspoon to smooth out the brow as much as possible.

Next, cover the brow with a translucent powder by using a powder sponge. dub


scrape offAnd using the back of the spoon, scrape off the top of the glue stick spreading it all over your brow. You need to thicken this layer so that when it dries, it disguises the hair texture. Once they are mostly drying, cover them up with a powder.
concealGet your trusted concealer, put it along the brows and then carefully blend it by tapping it out. Also put concealer on all over your face specially under the eyes, the eyelids, and around the nose to reduce the redness, dark circles and any visible marks.



After concealing, It’s time to put another layer on your face which is foundation. You can use to hands putting the foundation, what’s important is you blend it perfectly.Perfect tool to use in blending foundation is using a beauty blender, wet first the beauty blender before using to help in the blending process. Then carefully dot foundation along the concealed eyebrows blending it in with your fingers. Finally, set your foundation with a coat mattifying powder.

mascaraFace is done, next is the eyebrows. To draw Ryuko’s angry eyebrows, start with low and drawing upwards using a black cream makeup or black eyebrow. These don’t have to be perfect because it would be covered by Ryuko’s hair. Also, you can highlight brows by using a shimmery dark blue eyeshadow over the black eyebrow.  Then complete the eyes by lining thecompleteeyes with a black liquid liner and then winged it out a little bit and draw a little hook at the end of the wing. Line your water line with white eyeliner and put mascara on your lashes. Lastly, put some nude color lipstick or lipgloss on lips. And then completely finish the look with the wig.



Ryuko’s wig and outfit from cosplayful.


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