Sailor Moon Makeup Transformation-Text Version

To look like a real anime, you need contact lenses. For this, Serena has a blue eyes so we need a blue contact lenses. These contact lenses will make your eyes to look bigger. So let’s do the makeup. First, you have to make your face clear, bright and flawless by applying your trusted foundation and concealer all over your face including the lids, bellow the eyes and around the nose, make sure that it is blended well. And then after, choose what shade of color you should use in drawing your eyebrows. In anime, they usually have brown or black eyebrows. Have your brows trimmed so that you only follow the shape of it when applying n eyebrow.

noseTo match the blond hair of Serena, better to used to ash blond color to capture her innocence. So fill in your natural brows to get a fuller look. Make sure your brows are not so skinny because it could make you look older. Next, is the nose, anime have tiny and pointy nose, so we need to contour to achieve it. Choose the shade which is darker than
your skin. Using a brush, create shadows on the side of your nose and then use another brush to blend it to look more natural.

You can now wear the wig. Tie your hair up and wear a skin-tone hair cap eyelinerbecause you have a blond hair.And then we can now proceed to the hard part which is drawing the anime eyes.  First, draw a line and extend it out than your usual eyeliner look, skinier in the front and thicker on the back. Create a hook edge just like the anime eyes. For the bottom lash line, draw a very thin lash line a little away from your real lash line. Don’t connect the hook edge with the thin line you draw.

wingAnd then draw the hardest part which is creating bottom lashes. Draw three lashespearl white eyebelow your eyes, longer in the outer and shorter in the inner. Draw a lash also above your eyelids having two upward lines, not too long and not too short, just enough for the people to see. If you messed up, draw it again until you get the right look. Do this on both eyes. And then create a white eyelinerfake lid, apply pearl white eyeshadow inside the lines. Apply a white eyeliner on your water line and a cream white eyeliner on the space you created to emphasize the eyes looking bigger and fuller.

lipsUse same shimmering pearl eyeshadow on your nosebridge, cupids bow and on your cheeks. And then apply a soft pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and complete it with a pretty pink lipstick. Gloss the bottom
lips to give it more shine. The cheek markings arefinishedoptional, you may apply it or not, you still have the Sailor Moon look.





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