Tokyo Ghoul Rize Kamishiro Makeup Tutorial

Rize Kamishiro look is just simple yet very pretty with her purple hair. Also she has a big red eyes so wear a red contact lenses.

noseTo start, apply a foundation on your face to make the face flawless and even. Make sure that you used the shade of foundation which fits your skin color. And then take lighter shade of foundation or concealer to highlight your nose bridge. If your using stick foundation, apply it directly along your nose bridge only and carefully blend it using a sponge.

Have your brows trimmed already? If not, you better trimmed it first because Rize has skinny brow
shapeless brows. So, take your concealer and apply it on your brows to make it look thinner or eyebrow
partially erase your brows. Blend it out with a sponge. You can now draw Rize’s eyebrows. Take a black or dark gray eyebrow pencil and then draw Rize’s brows starting in the inner corner follow the shape of your brows but don’t make a curve line in the outer, just make it straight. Brush it out with a brow brush to make it natural.

Next, take a very light brown or any next to the lightest eyeshadow. Apply it on your upper lids up to the crease. Takeanother dark brown or gray eyeshadow and using an eyeshadow brush create a crease from the outer corner to the inner corner. After creating the crease, take the lightest eyeshadow and apply it below the crease you’ve created.

eye linerNow, It’s time to define the eyes. Using a black liquid eyeshadow, draw a thin line above the upper eyelids starting at the inner corner of the eyes and getting a little thicker in the outer part. Extend a little bit and then connect it on your water line leaving a small space in the outer
corner of the eyes or water line. Don’t line the whole bottom lid, just define the eyes by lining the ffinner corner of the water line like a cat’s eye. Do it on both eyes, make sure that it is even on both eyes. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Put a thin but long fake lashes and apply mascara on it. You’re eyes now looks big but very natural.

You don’t need to put blush on your cheeks. What’s lacking is lipstick. Apply first a foundation on your lips making itlips pale to achieve the shape and the correct color of the lips of Rize when applying lipstick. Take a pinkish natural lipstick and apply it on inner part of the bottom lips. Using a brush, brush the bottom lips and the upper lips. Your makeup is done and you can nowwear the wig and the eyeglasses to finishcomplete the look.



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