Video Guide to A Perfect Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Cosplay Makeup (female version)

The most important thing in applying makeup is choosing the right shade of makeup or foundation for skin or the anime you want to cosplay. Kaneki Ken is pale so we have to make our skin pale to achieve his look, but here we will do the female version of Kaneki Ken.

First, apply a pale liquid foundation all over the face using a foundation brush.Make sure to include areas that needs to be concealed, especially the eye circles, around the nose and lips. After the foundation apply a light shade mattifying powder to set your foundation.

And then use a bronzer to bronzercontour your face. Use a smaller brush in contouring your cheeks, jaw line, and forehead.  For the nose, you can use an eyeshadow brush to contour the sides of your nose. Make sure that you blend it perfectly.

linerFor the eyes, create first a crease with a dark brown eyeshadow and blend it out well. Take a very black gel liner and then carefully line the top and bottom of your eyes making them look bigger. And then create a flick on both sides of your eyes with a fine brush. Next, line your water line with a white eye pencil to define your eyes.

Brush your eyebrows into place if you have thick brows or if you want to. Take a white eyeliner and apply it on your brows covering all your brow hair.Once done, it’s time to do the veins.veins

Dip a fine brush into water first and then mixed it with a red eyeshadow to create the veins. Carefully draw lines like veins starting at the outer part of the eyes until your desired look is achieved. Add some black mascara on the lashes.


Again take your light color powder and brush it on your lips. And lastly, wear your wig and make sure to secure it with hair grips and it’s finished.




Kaneki Ken outfit:

Kaneki Ken wig (male version):


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