What's Cosplay?

You think you're alone because you like to dress up as a superhero? It's called cosplay and you're definitely not alone!


Cosplay is the name given to the performance art of dressing up as a character or idea from fiction. It seems to have started in the United States as early as 1908 where it was known as costuming, but more recently it has become very popular in Japan and has now risen to have a world-wide following.



The global rise of fan conventions has been one of the primary drivers for the increased popularity of cosplay, and these conventions come in various formats :

- science fiction

- anime

- furries (any animal character with human personalities and characteristics)

- comic books

- games.

Nowadays there are even cosplay conventions! In all cases cosplayers attend in large numbers and make any event vibrant and colorful.



Although you can go along to your local fancy dress costume shop to see what they've got in store or buy a ready-made outfit on the internet, a lot of cosplayers seem to enjoy making their own costumes and accessories. Apart from the fact that it's a whole lot of fun and teaches you a great deal about what you can make, this has a few advantages :


- you can make the costume exactly how you want it

- the resulting costume can be used over and over without having to pay out each time


- the costume you want to use is always available.

While some cosplayers aim to accurately copy their character, others see it solely as an art form with which they can be imaginative and creative. So some create a unique character that is a mixture of two or more fictitious characters, or even a character that they've invented for themselves.



There's no fun in creating a wonderful costume and then parading it around in your bedroom. The whole idea is to have it seen and admired by other cosplayers, so don your best finery and head off to any conventions coming to your area. If there aren't any then in some places there are cosplay cafes where everybody is in costume, even the staff. There might even be a cosplay group nearby that meets somewhere on a regular basis.


If you just can't find anybody else near you who would like to share in your hobby, then there's always the internet. There are cosplay websites where you can :


- find that vital accessory that's missing from your outfit


- locate events, including conventions, that you can attend


- see what other cosplayers are doing.

There are even magazines you can buy or subscribe to in order to keep up with what other cosplay ideas are out there. It's a growing hobby, so it's a good time to get involved. Just type "cosplay" into your favorite search engine and see what appears.



For those who are really proud of their creations, there are cosplay competitions you can enter to win prizes or just fame. In some you simply pose as your character and in others you perform a small piece as your character, maybe something from a film or a comic that your character actually has done.


Cosplay is a fun, creative, end even educational hobby. C’mon and join us!


- See more at: http://cosplayful.com/blog/what-is-cosplay/#sthash.aAzhog9U.dpuf

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