You There, Who’s Hair?

Not every cosplay enthusiast is a fan of using wigs in their ensembles. Others believe that the right hair is essential in a complete and truly authentic costume. The truth is that there are advantages as well as disadvantage to using cosplay wigs.



* Authenticity: Obviously not every character has the same hair color, style or cut and it is impossible for the cosplay aficionado’s hair to match each character they play. Having access to a wide array of wigs and hair pieces is essential when creating costumes for several different characters.


* Save Natural Hair: The alternative to wigs, if still being true to the character portrayed, is to dye, cut and style one’s own hair to match. For the regular cosplay participant, this could mean several hair changes per month, which can be very damaging to the hair. The use of wigs, rather than regular changes to natural hair, allows for keeping a single hair style in day to day life.


* Flexibility: Using wigs allows for the utilization of more than one costume per event.



* Expense: Someone who is very skilled in wig styling and coloring may be able to use a single wig for multiple characters. However, most people who use wigs will need to purchase an appropriate one for each costume. This can be very expensive especially when buying high quality wigs.


* Storage: Wigs must be stored individually on a frame that will help keep the shape of the wig. This requires a certain amount of space. The storage area also must have a climate that is satisfactory to the wigs. An environment that is too damp or too hot can be damaging to wigs and hairpieces.


* Care: Outside of appropriate storage, there are a lot of other factors to proper wig care. Wigs must be kept tangle-free in order to continue looking nice. However, they cannot be simply brushed through like natural hair as the strands may separate from the wig lace. Some people take specialize

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