Ah! My Goddess

The series follows college sophomore Keiichi Morisato, a good-natured, yet hopeless and girlfriend-less who calls the ‘Goddess Help Line’ accidentally and a beautiful goddess Belldandy materializes in Keiichi’s room. Belldandy is beautiful tall slim shapely creamy light complexion woman with a bright blue eyes, and dark blue markings on her cheeks, thin diamond-shaped crest in the center of her forehead, has long shiny light brown hair usually tied into a ponytail that runs down her back with two large bangs framing the sides of her face and four thinner locks of hair branching out from the top of her head and curving downwards on either side like antennae. She wears white robe revealing her legs, white shawl, outer blue garment with a yellow triangular trim that hangs loosely like a jacket, and joined by a jewelled brooch, a golden choker, pair of golden bracelets, and blue finger-less gloves and a blue heelless open-toed sandals.

To grant Keiichi’s single wish, Belldandy was sent to stay with his side forever. They were more happy when Belldandy sister Urd and Skuld stayed with them. Her older sister Urd, a tall dark bronze complexion voluptuous woman with deep violet eyes, long silvery gray hair, wearing form-fitting purple robe V-shaped opening revealing her cleavage reaching down the ankles with a slit on the side showing her left leg, shoulder covered by two black straps branching off of a purple linered dark cape that flows down her back, black shoes, silver bracelets over arm-length gloves, and black choker. Skuld, the younger sister, wears short-sleeved pink robe opened at the bottom revealing a pink skirt and her legs, matching shoes, pink gloves, red sash tied around her waist by a golden strap, and a golden ring around her neck. In the end, Belldandy and Keiichi developed deep feelings and relationship along with their adventures.