Air Gear

Air Gear revolves around the life of Ikki ( Itsuki Minami) and his friends, using Air Tricks as Storm Riders. Itsuki is a 5’5 tall boy who has brownish red eyes and purple hair, which also serves as a nest for a crow, wears a black stiff collar pointing upward over a white T-shirt, fingerless black gloves,  white skater shoes, and black pants with left is partly rolled up below the knee revealing yellow inner color of the pants. He created the team Kogarasumaru with Onigiri and Kazu. Kazu is a blond-haired, blue-eyed teenager, wears a pale blue hoodie over his black uniform blazer, off-white beanie and takes off when he’s serious, black pants and fingerless gloves like a knight in shining armor riding in a winged white horse. He also wears Skates.

            Later on, Buccha and Agito/Akito added in the Kogarasumaru. Akito is an effeminate-looking slight build teenager with shoulder-length dark falling down blue hair who wears a white eye patch, white T-shirt under a black open zip jacket with Kogarasumaru emeblem on the back, black pants, and carries straps with hooks that can be bind around the legs. Agito has slitted pupils amber eyes, and fanged teeth unlike Akito who normal pupils amber eyes. Lind has over-cross twinkle eyes, fanged teeth and spiky hair.

Ikki was trained to be Wind King but betrayed by Sora and Nike who has the motive of stealing his Regalia. He didn’t became Wind King but he was named Storm King, who has the ability to manipulate wing using Air Tricks allowing him to create a space without wind. 

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