The story is all about Heroine, a young lady who awakened with no memory at all. Heroine has bluish-emerald eyes, shoulder length light brown hair that gradients into pink tips with bangs falling down above her eyes with braid on the left side, wears a black jacket over pale green semi-turtle neck dress with big rose attached in the white collar, and black hat with roses and bow attached to it. Orion, a fairy came from different world that only she can able to see and the one who support and follow all her journey to regain her lost memories. Orion is a thin and slender young boy with neck-length messy spiky silver hair falling down the face, purple tinted teal eyes, long pointed sideward ears, wears short-sleeved midriff shirt with black and gray diamond patterns and blue studs spotting around the bottom, extremely long black and yellow scarf reaching his ankles, two sets of necklace with gold medallions; seven on top and five in bottom held by a brown straps, golden bracelets worn over his right bicep and on wrists. He also wears uniquely-designed gray and white puffy pants held up by a black belt with yellow stips adorned in the center wrapping around his waist, his left pant sleeve is black and gray diamond pattern, the right pant sleeve is a gray and black worn under a black and yellow stripe socks and high heeled short pointed black boots.

            The other characters in the story that Heroine forgot was her childhood bestfriends Toma and shin. Toma, has short dark yellow hair with orange on the tips, black head band with orange diamonds, and black and orange outfit. While Shin, has black hair, messy, wavy which is tipped with a red brown color, has red eyes, wears black and red buckle necklace, and patterned red and black color outfit.