ARIA is in 24th century setting manga and anime series which depicts several women adventures who lived in Aqua, a water covered paradise. These women serve as undines or gondolier tour guides in Neo Venezia city.  

At the start, Akari,a young woman from Manhome who arrived in Aqua to become a gondolier trainee in Aria Company, city’s one of three most prestigious water guide companies. She had a dream of becoming an undine gondolier.  Her dream is to become an undine, a gondolier. Aria Company has only two employed undines which is Alicia and Akari. Akari has green eyes, long flowy pink hair with bangs partly separated at the center having two hairlocks on both side of the face, wears their uniform, a short sleeve long white dress with blue details and has long slit in the right side revealing the legs, blue and yellow bow tie at the center of the collar, white hat with blue stripe at the bottom and dominant white and blue flat boots.

Alicia is known as “Snow White”, she has white porcelain skin, purple eyes, ankled length yellow fish tailed hair which falls down to her knees, her shoulder length front hair remained unbraided as well as her thick baby hairs looking like a bangs. She wears the white with blue detail long dress uniform just like Akira.

Each chapter of the story is a slice of Akari’s life episode in exploring the worlds of gondoliering, Neo Venezia City, Aqua, her realtionships towards Alicia and other friends, and her effort to be the highest ranked undine which is Prima and allowed to steer gondola without wearing gloves.

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