Assassins Creed

During the year of 1947, Cesare was one of the cardinals and Juan Borgia, Rodrigo’s younger son was the Papal armies Captain General. Cesare was not contented with his position, so he killed his brother in bed with Fiora Cavazza,, and thrown in the Tiber river. Cesare became the new Captain General.

Cesare, has a black hair wearing turtle neck black suit, and his body is surrounded by a metal armor. He has a full armor on his body with red cape attached to his shoulders and red belt with two brooch attached slightly apart in front. He would then begin a conquest for Romagna with Oliverotto and Vitellozzo, however, in the midst of their conquest, several of his subjects began to rebel against him. Oliverotto and Vitellozzo conspired against Cesare feeling they could be next, and began a rebellion in the year 1502 and managed to take over several of Cesare’s lands after winning several battles against Cesare. Oliveretto has black short hair, fair skin, deep seated eyes, and beard above his lips side of face and thicker below his chin. Vitellozo has heart shape face with short wavy hair, not so big eyes, fair skin, and beard on upper lip.

Cesare couldn’t accept that he failed so he framed Oliverotto and Vitellozzo, promised to accept them all just to return in his service but at the dinner he captured the generals and strange them to death. Ezio, a man wearing a white long sleeve top over leather and metal suit, black pants over a knee length brown boots, a brown cape but red in the inner and has an armor or a sharp and pointed metal in his hands, vowed to kill Cesare despite his reputation after hearing what happened. 


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