Attack on Titan

The story of revolves around the adventures of Eren Yeager, who is also a Titan, his foster sister, and Armin Arlert, their childhood friend, against the giants or the Titans. Titans are one-eyed humanoid form giants who doesn’t have skin and stomach and eat humans. Eren has a fairly long rounded face, teal-green eyes, furrowed eyebrows, and dark brown hair with bangs middle-parted falling naturally into a curtain type style, wears green top with string-tasselled collar under a maroon coat, brown trousers, and brown shoes. After few years, he wore the red scarf he gave to Mikasa the day they met. As a teenager, he wears the typical Survey Corps uniform in long beige shirt, maroon sash around his waist, brown trousers, brown shoes, and a string with a key dangling in his neck given by his father.  However, when he turned into a Titan, his hair grows long enough to graze his shoulders, elongated  tongue and ears, hooked nose, deeply sunken eyes, his mouth became jagged-shape and can’t speak clearly, no lips, and no flesh on his cheeks exposing all teeth.

Mikasa, has chin-length black hair, pale skin, and black eyes with a small scar below the right eye. As a soldier, she often wears uniform, a short light-brown jacket with Survey Corps badge of the on both shoulders with left pocket on front and center back,  white shirt,  dark brown sash around her waist covering hips, white pants, dark brown knee-high leather boots, green cape and the red scarf that was given by Eren. Armin is short and has small build with blond hair fraing his round face, expressive large blue eyes, and puny nose. During his childhoos, he wore a single-buttoned jacket over a collared shirt, long dress-pants and dress shoes. As a soldier, he wears the Survey Corps uniform, a midriff brown jacket over a buttoned up shirt, and large green cape.  

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