Baka to Test to Shoukanju


This is about Akihisa Yoshi, the baka of the story who attends Japan’s Fumizuki Academy with his friends, their school life adventure struggling to beat other classes to gain facilities. This story is also about the love triangle of Mizuki Himeji and Minami Shimada with Akihisa.

Akihisa is a very slim young teenager, has ash blonde hair with bangs covering part of his forehead with smaller strands reaching his eyebrows, small brown eyes, round nose, wears academy’s male uniform with a small necktie. During occasions, he wears long sleeve hiding white polo shirt. He was called Akiko Yoshii when he crossdresses, wearing the girl’s uniform in short crimson skirt with exaggerating bulge on chest having hair extension up to the side of armpits adorned by a black headband with a black small bow.

Mizuki, shorter of all the girls, has purple eyes, long flowy light pink hair having a rabbit clip on the left side of the head given by Akihisa, usually wears uniform, black long sleeved buttoned close blazer with yellow edges over a white polo shirt with short red necktie, red skirt, white socks, black shoes. The other girl Minami Shamada, is a thin girl with long legs having sharp green eyes, ponytailed magenta hair with big yellow ribbon on the ponytail and bangs partly divided at the center, and also wears their school uniform. These two girls are jealous with the sister of Akihisa, Akira, with grayish black chin-length hair, brown eyes, oftenly wears white short sleeved polo with revealing cleavage over a sleeveless blazer and blue pants, who kept on seducing Akihisa.