This story is all about Ichigo Kurosaki who became a substitute Soul Reaper when Rukia Kuchiki fails to fulfill her duties after battling with powerful Hollow. Ichigo is a tall lean-built young man with peach skin, brown eyes, spiky orange hair, likes to wear tight clothes, and like to wear shirts patterned with number 15. Ichigo in spiritual form wears standard Shinigami outfit with a strap across his chest and thick brown belt which later became red rosary-like strap.   

He then later discovered that his friends and classmates have powers on their own and spiritually aware. Rukia, his friend who was sentenced to death and taken back to Soul Society, a spirit world, was saved by Ichigo because it was discovered that she was framed up. Rukia is short and petite with light skin complexion, purple eyes, black hair having strands hanging her eyes, and wears shihakusho. Months after Aizen’s defeat, Rukia’s hair was cropped into a bob which hangs on her face, wears a fingerless gloves extended above her elbows and as a lieutenant, she wears shortened arm uniform with division badge on the left sleeve.

Ichigo was trained by Visards and after that, other exiled Soul Reapers exhibits Hollow powers. He and his friends travel to Hueco Mundo to save Orihime, an average height teenager with brown eyes, long waist-length burnt orange hair and bangs tuckled by hairpins behind her ears. After Aizen’s defeat, like Rukia, she stops wearing hair clips and just keep them clipped by the left collar of her school uniform.  

But in the end Ichigo returns to his duty protecting the Karakura Town because he ultimately regain his Soul Reaper power and won against Ginjo and the members of Xcution.