Blood-C is a story about  Saya Kisaragi, a king but clumsy girl who learned “art of the sword” from her father Tadayoshi Kisaragi, a man with dark skin, brown eyes, has black hair with hair piece to keep her hair in shape wearing a black and white traditional Japanese clothing. She’s fighting against the monsters Furukimono "Elder Bairns" for killing her loved ones and learns more things as she fights against them about her real mission and who she truly is.  Saya was a pretty teenager having gray eyes that are sometimes red with long flowy balck hair which kept in the back of head by one or two red colored ribbons, long natural long nails and wears shrine maiden get up or high school uniform.  

Upon her journey, Saya got a chance to meet members of  SIRRUT agency. It’s headmaster also wants to kill Fumito just like Saya because of murdering his family. Fumito is a tall handsome young man with fair skin, sand-blonde hair and bronzy brown eyes, he often wears café uniform; a white long sleeve shirt, dark gray slacks, black shoes and brown-strapped green apron with café insignia. He was also seen wearing a white suit with green tie.  

Other characters in the story was Yuka Amino, Saya’s friend yet annoyed at Saya because of always getting late in school. She is tall, with short midnight blue hair and brown eyes, wears a school uniform consisting of a black short-sleeved buttoned down polo with revealing cleavage short midnight blue hair and brown eyes, wears school uniform; a red pleated short skirt, black short sleeved open button polo with revealing cleavage, and small chain necklace as part of the uniform.