Brave 10

This story takes place during Warning States period, about Kirigakure Saizou, an Iga ninja searching for his life’s path and met Isanami, an Izumo shrine maiden. She was saved by Saizou when she was attacked by assassins and became her bodyguard until her destination is reached. Isanami, has big golden-amber eyes, light blue hair held up partly with her hairpin remaining the long hair on the back portion , big amber-golden eyes, usually wears blue and white miko outfit with shorts underneath, and when her powers activates as a Goddess, her skin turns to stone.

Saizou got a chance to meet Sasuke Sarutobi , leader of famous ninja group when they arrive at the protected territory of Sanada. Saizou a well-buily young man with chin-length black messy spiky hair, dark green eyes wearing dark clothes usually black with white edges; a black top with short turtle-neck circling his neck and shoulders, black pants worn under a bellow knee black socks and shoes. He brings Mari-Blade in his back as a weapon. Sanada with messy dark brown hair wearing a typical Kimono which he opens to show off his muscled breasts with a fan on his hand and a blanket-like cloth being his cape, gathered talented and bold ninjas together to bring end to Japan’s era of war. Later, mysterious hidden power of Isanami comes to light.

Other character in the story was Anatasia, a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, wears a revealing blue corset with long loose white sleeves showing cleavage of her large, black leggings revealing the side of her legs. Also there is Kakei Juzo, and old man with black hair and brown eyes having scar on his right cheek. And Benmaru, a young boy having dark blue eyes with short orange hair wearing a green outfit with gloves carrying fireworks in a pouch.