The story is all about the struggle of the vampire hunters (Belmont clan) against Dracula, and his legacy. Dracula, the vampire appears to be ethereal, looks very decayed and aged man with a long, full length red leather textured cloak, with new filigree designs throughout and completely redesigned central belt armour. Genya Arikado, a mysterious government agent who deals with supernatural, a soul stealer who has a black hair and wears shiny and silky black suit with red handkerchief put on his pocket on the chest. Julius Belmont, the latest member of Belmont clan, wears an eye patch covering his damaged eye. He also wears a brown vest and pants, as well as silver and brown colored armor plates that cover his arms, legs and torso.

 In Rondo Blood, vampire huntress Maria, a cute and innocent looking little girl with long golden blond or reddish-blond hair, eyes are blue-green colored, very big and expressive, wears a long pink dress, and sometimes wears a two piece pink outfit with a long blue sash around her waist, was captured by Dracula. In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Maria sports a short emerald green tunic with gold cuffs on the short sleeves, silver decorative linings around the edges, long brown leather gloves above her elbows, short black shorts, a thick golden sash around her waist that reaches toward her above her ankles, long white stockings with emerald green ribbons for the edges, and golden shoes.

Another character in Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse,  Syphia, blonde hair woman that wears long, blue robes not entirely shrouded her, white boots, pink skirt, and wields a double ended staff. Also, Alucard, looks like a late teen with long blonde hair, black colored jacket  with four square brooches vertically run down holding seams together, and large white cravat on his neck. In short, he wears 18th century style clothing, resembling a vampire with fangs, pointy ears, and long finger nails. 

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