The story tells about Hideki Motosuwa, who has an abandoned personal coputer or persocom in human form called “Chi”. Hideki has light brown hair and brown eyes, he wears white and blue university jacket over a green circle neck long-sleeve and a back pack that is worn only on one shoulder. Chi has the appearance of a beautiful young girl with long blonde hair which falls down to her ankles with two tails kept on the side of the face and brown eyes. She has a sexy slender body along with smooth skin and a pale skin complexion. Her ears are triangle shaped pink and white and wears off shoulder ruffled pink Lolita dress that is slightly short on the front and longer on the back with two long splitted white satin flowy tail on the back.  When Hideki starts her up, he found out that Chi has no longer memory or any information on her hard drive and can only say the word “Chi” that’s why she was named as Chi. She lost all of her memory that she was really Elda and has a family.

Freya, the older twin of Elda/Chi was the first Chobit made by Ichiro Mihara that can’t bear children. They were daughter of Hibiya .Chi has exactly physical appearance with Freya because she has the heart of Freya. She was made to save Freya from losing all hope and giving up.  Freya has the same hairlock with Chi, having sexy slender body, long blonde hair but unlike Chi, Freya wears dark clothes. She usually appears wearing black or dark brown PVC dress outfits with matching headdress.