This is about the life story and adventures of a delinquent high school student, Tomoya Okazaki who met different kinds of people during his school’s last year. Tomoya has dark steel spiky but down hair and blue eyes wearing a brown long-sleeved tuxedo-like uniform under a white long sleeve polo with red neck tie, blue pants and brown shoes. He has close friend Youhei Sunohara, also a delinquent. He has cold relationship with his father that made him move into the bakery of Fukurawa family but gained their trust first. Youhei Sunohara has blonde hair which is partly separated in the bangs, expressive blue eyes and wears uniform same as Tomoya.  

Nagisa Furukawa is the love interest of Tomoya that later became his wife. She was older that Tomoya having reddish brown hair with two unpolished visible hair strand on her head making an M shape and bright golden eyes. She also wears their school uniform. Just like the boys, girls uniform is four buttoned brown long sleeve coat with white and two-stripes red on the arm close to the hands over a purple turtleneck shirt, short pleated purple miniskirt, white high knee socks and brown shoes. Another character in the story was Kyou Fujibayashi, she has silky long purple hair with normal-length with white dangling embellishment on the left side of her hair and has purple eyes. She was a protective sister. Her younger twin sister, Ryou, has a huge crush on Tomoya and unlike her twin sister, she was a shy-type girl but she was their class representative. Ryou has short neck-length purple hair with white dangling embellishment on the right side of the hair with normal-length bangs just like Kyou.  Also Tomoyo Sakagami, a transfer student with silver hair.  And Ushio Okazaki, she was the daughter of Tomoyo and Nagisa having brown eyes and brown hair tied with a red bow at the back of the head wearing a blue coloured school uniform dress paired with brown shoes and white knee socks.