Code Geass

This is about the journey of Lelouch vi Britannia who has a power of Geass and decided to use it against Holy Britannian Empire who was conquering various countries by their superpower. Lelouch's was a scrawny tall and thin with ebony hair and purple eyes. Suzaku, his friend is a young man with forest bright green eyes and light brown hair wearing white battle suit in a nightmare frame.  However, Kallen with bright and red hair, blue eyes and wears the Black Knights uniform. In school, Kallen just let her hair combed down unlike when in private or during a fight that spiked her hair up wearing vest and shorts. Zero, was Lelouch secret identity wearing dark violet with golden striped tight suit, a gold and black cloak with crimson spandex inside. He also wears black enormous cape encircling his head with spiky indigo and black face mask hiding his face which is transparent from inside but looks opaque outside.  

C.C. is accomplice of Zero/Lelouch, a average height girl having waist-length light green hair and golden eyes weary plenty assortment Lelouch’c clothes but very varied.CC in 2nd season wears Zero female version outfit or Black Knights outfit which flows down to the floor having four long splitted pieces cloth with red sash wore around the waist, underneath is a cropped white sleeveless turtleneck top and white very short shorts, gold trimmed black elbow-length gloves, high-heeled golden boots, and red bands wore around upper arms. 

Another character is Anya, a pale complexion beautiful rouge-red eyed young woman with ponytailed pink hair having strands falling down her face wearing midriff black cropped top under a white stiff collared vest-like garment and cut out back long cloak. And sometimes, she wears a white short with brown belt paired with bottom-high knee socks under a cut out knee cap boots, leather bands around her legs just above the socks, and elbow cut black gloves.