Coyote Ragtime Show

The story tells about the adventures of treasure seekers space faring fugitives. It started when Madame Marciano, a cyborg who cannot bear children killed the pirate king Bruce. Madame Marciano has medium length black wavy hair that falls down her face, red eyes, dark lips, wears white furry coat under a brown collared close neck top with big emerald stone at the center of the collar. She created 12 sisters with the help of Nielsen, a scientist.

Mister, the adaptive father of Franca, daughter of Bruce, searched for the treasure vault. He is a big pirate man with white hair and always seen with cigarette on his mouth, wears a thick dark brown long sleeve coat and partly of the sleeve on the clavicle up to his neck is light brown colour near to his complexion. And under it was white and gray polo with light and plained pleats, and gray long pants. Franca, is cute little girl having blue eyes, long pink hair with yellow ribbon tied on the back leaving two hair groups on both side on the face with bangs, and wears mid-length aqua dress over a white off shoulder long sleeve top under and brown boots. Sometimes she paired the dress with a yellow shirt especially when cold.

The twelve sisters of Madame Marciano, all of them wear Lolita maid dress in different style and different but in black and white color combination. January, has long blonde hair and brownish-red eyes. February has reddish-blonde curl hair who wears large glasses. March wears her hand tailored outfit and April has a golden luger pistol as her weapon. May was the punk rocker girl, June and July has dark brown hair but July has slit-eye when she smiles. August is a four feet tall girl having long braide ponytail blonde hair with red ribbons tied on it, wears a lot of white frill full black dress, large floppy hat with white and red band, and red bow tie. September has straight cut bangs brown hair with bright blue eyes, and wears black and white trimmings and bows. October, November, December, the youngest triplets have ponytailed blonde hair with large brown eyes, and wears Victorian era sailor outfits with teddy bear backpack in different colors; green, brown and pink.