D-Gray Man

The story tells about Allen Walker, an Exorcists member who use Innocence, an ancient substance to fight against Millennium Earl; the Noah family and the demons army of Akuma. Allen has an average height young man having medium-length gray/white hair, silver/gray eyes, pale skin visibly seeing his unusual scar on his left side face starting on his forehead down to his eyelids slightly hooks at his cheekbone down to his chin. His parasitic Innocence formed on his left arm making it veinous and red,  his skin became scaled and much darker, black fingernails, growing out arrow-shaped markings on his shoulder blade which led him to wear hats and hoods, long sleeved shirts and gloves to hide his arms. Allen wears Exorcist uniform; concealing jackets, gloves, pants and heavy duty boots. When he was a kid his hair was more reddish-brown but turned white when cursed by his adopted father leaving his face’s scar. Miranda Lotto, another Exorcist has pale skin with dark circles around her eyes, hair up in a bun and wore a dress. As an Exorcist, she has high ponytailed hair, wear less conservative dress and gloves on her hands.

Allen became a powerful asset of the organization which Earl decided to gather the superhuman Noah family who can destroy Innocence. One of the disciples of Noah Family was Tyki Mikk, tall man with wavy, dark hair and a mole under his eye, has light-skin, brown eyes, and wears thick glasses. As Noah, his skin turns umber, eyes yellow, wears tuxedo or uniform pants and a white coat. Another member of Noah Family was Jasdevi twins, has dark lips, fangs, and wears a long red robe with hearts. They were actually Devit and Jasdero. Devit, wears heavy eye makeup, wears a wife beater corset stitched  tight leather pants, fur-lined leather jacket and bandages around his neck. Jasdero, looks like a rag doll with wide eyes and stitched mouth, wears vest, thick bandages on hands, and lantern ball on his head.