Dangan Ronpa

The series followed the life adventure of a boy Makoto Naegi along with the other fourteen elite and unique students  who was enrolled in the elite Hope’s Peak Academy. The Academy was governed by Monokuma, a remote-controlled psychotic bear who gave them the only chance to graduate and get away if they can kill or murder another student. Monokuma, a strange bear with monochrome appearance, his face entire face and body splits equally into two sides like the Ying-Yang symbol with right in white color and left side black color with red slash as an eye and an evil, that shows his good side in regular conversation and bad side when angry. But his large and obvious belly remained white, and his bulging navel has an X mark.

Makoto Naegi is a typical high school student having desaturated spiky brown hair with hazel eyes wearing dull green zipped up hoodie with red stripe on the zipper and red gask mask logo on the back under a black open jacket with golden buttons on the hoodie , black jeans and white-toed red sneakers.

Other students in the story are Yasuhiro “Hiro” Hagakure, the oldest student with extravagant spiky dark brown hair, wears three layers of shirts, old green top uniform jacket, white rough shirt, small yellow short-sleeve shirt, also wears a big brown sash and a yellow rope as his belt. Sayaka Maizono has dark blue long hair with blue eyes wearing an obvious make-up dressed in a sailor-like blue and white school uniform with a pink bow paired with plaid blue skirt, thigh-high black socks and buckled shoes.  Sayaka also wear a sleeveless white and pink dress with pink ruffles and ribbon at the bottom paired with knee-high booth having her hair tied up into two pigtails with a ribbon at the right side and pink clips on bangs. Kyoko Kirigiri, tall pale complexion pretty girl with purple eyes and lavender hair with a black ribbon tied on the small braid on the side of her face, wears dark purple collared jacket over a white blouse with brown tie, short skirt, knee-high heeled boots, and black gloves. Toko Fukawa has long purple hair braided into two wearing Japanese sailor  dark uniform, round glasses and has small moll on her chin.