Death Note

Death Note is an anime series that captivates you with a story fashioned around logic, wit, trust, and betrayal.  Filled with deep characters and weaved with intensity, it grips you from start to finish with amazing vice.The story follows a high school student Light Yagami, who discovered a supernatural notebook that has the ability to kill anyone when written in the notebook. The story revolves around Yagami Light in attempting to create and rule the world by using the power of the notebook to kill anyone whom he consider as an evil or bad, and how detective L discover and effort to stop him from killing people.

The appearance of a Death Note is decided by its Shinigami. Most Death Notes are plain black and do not have writing on the cover, inside looks like that of a school notebook, and will never run out of pages. Light Yagami is an average height young man with light brown hair and brown eyes, dresses formally with his very neat and clean school uniform or a suit; a black blazer over a white poloshirt with black necktie, black pants and blackk shoes. Death Note was given by Ryuk indirectly to Yagami, he is a Shinigami who appeared to be scary human having almost bluish light gray skin and spiky black hair, large yellow round eyes with red irises, abnormally long limbs and retractable feather-like black wings.

L is a slim and tall young man having black hair and dark eye circles wearing a blue jean trousers, white long-sleeved shirt and go with barefoot. Other character is Misa Amane, a model and supporter of Kira, who eventually became the second Kira. She has long blonde hair with portion styled in side pigtails and blue eyes wearing Gothic Lolita outfit with red or purple nails and red lipstick.

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