Devil May Cry

The series follows the character of Dante and his goal of exterminating demons as an avenge his mother’s death and brother’s identity corruption. Dante, the main character was the second son demon, Sparda and human, Eva. Dante is a private investigator, paranormal mercenary, and vigilant Devil Hunter dedicated to his mission, exterminating demons and other malevolent supernatural forces. Dante has white brushed down hair with right eye parted bangs, wears red-coloured garments and apparel; long two-tailed vampire hunter’s coat with buckled collar and black chest plate.

Vergil, older twin brother of Dante, embraced their demonic heritage having opposite personality with Dante. He is willing to trade anything just to have power of their father, Sparda. Dante and Vergil looks very identical in facial features and hair, however, Vergil styled his hair swept back and wears long and blue long-sleeved coat having three tails with snake-like pattern in the right side over a black long sleeve polo and black pants, brown knee-high boots and has sword.

Sparda, the "Legendary Dark Knight" and father of Dante and Virgil, in his human form, he was handsome tall man having slicked-back white hair and blue eyes wearing a white cravat and purple Victorian outfit , around his neck was a large and red jewel and monocle on his left eye. Sparda’s is slightly larger than human size when in true form; a demon having gray scales body accented with purple and red, red slitted eyes, red diamond gem on forehead, clawed hands, feet hooves, reptilian spines on his back, ram horns facing downward, skull-shaped golden knees, and beetle-like wings.