Digimon, short for "Digital Monsters", digimon are monsters living in Digital world which are raised by humans, a group of young teens who are in mysterious Digital world called Tamers or Digidestined. They were paired with their own Digimon as well as the human villains who wants to destroy the Digital world. This story depicts the group of young teen’s adventure fighting against evil to save the world.

Tai Kamiya is the protagonist of Digimon Adventure, leader of original DigiDestined partnered with Agumon, a stout 3 feet tall Tyrannosaurus rex-like reptile digimon having amber orange skin and light green eyes with three-clawed broad hands, flat forearms and stubby tail. Tai is light tan skin little boy having spiky brown hair and brown eyes wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt with orange stars bellow the shoulders over a collared yellow shirt, brown shorts, white rolled down high socks under white and yellow lined back blue sneakers, light grey goggles with black strap worn on his head over a blue headband. When he became adult, he cut his hair, wears a zipped bluish gray jacket with a blue collar over a yellow shirt paired with blue pants and shoes with yellow soles. At work, he wearsa black suit over a white long-sleeved polo with blue tie.  

Yamato "Matt" Ishida, is Crest of Friendship bearer and Gabumon partner. Matt is light skinned young boy having spiky blonde hair and blue eyes oftenly wears green sleeveless shirt paired with blue jeans and dark brown shoes with gray soles over a white socks, and brown gloves.  As an adult,no more spiky hair,  he wears a green tuxedo over a white long sleeved polo with collar not fully closed, gray pants, and brown shoes. Gabumon is a fur pelt covered Reptile Digimon, a Kabuki puppet who changes his face instantly from timid maiden to horned fiend Gabumon.

Ken Ichijouji  Ken is Crest of Kindness bearer and Wormmon partner. As the Digimon Emperor, Ken has spiky blue-light blue shade hair wearing purple lenses yellow sunglasses, blue/gray/white jumpsuit with yellow buckled dark gray belt, cuffs on ankles and wrists, black shoes, and insect-like wings which is actually a blue cape with yellow lining and golden-yellow shoulder pads.