The Disgaea game series takes place in the Netherworld, a fictional universe having uncommon RPG elements. The main characters of the story were power-hungry and cynical antiheroes battling against the real heroes.  

Laharl is one of the characters in the Disgaea series. He is a half human and half demon person and has known evil laugh that is heard a lot of times in the series. He has chin-length downward spiky hair with two forming like an antenna, red eyes, wears a red shorts but usually rolled up with black belt, bare top having just a long scarf on his neck tied on the back letting to fall down the remaining cloth. There is also Flonne, commonly known for her title as 'Love Freak' and her perpetual usage of the words 'love' and 'justice'. She has blue if she wears blue and red if she wears red, long blond hair with bangs styled on the side and blue or red headband styled in different ways depending on the ribbon she use to tie her cover dress. She wears red one piece swimwear over a white dress with red or blue ribbons tied on neck and arms, white shoes on blue motif, and red shoes on red. Other character is Etna, a manipulative demon intent on gaining power, and also hides dark secrets within her heart. She has red hair with spiky pigtails and bangs, elf ears, red eyes, wears very sexy black bat style bra and a short black skirt with slit on the sides and silver belt, a thigh-high black socks, black short boots with red,  black choker with big silver ring used as a pendant, a silver with two black dots earrings, a small bat wings and a red tail with heart on the end.