Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z depicts the adventures of Goku  along with his friends, fighting against assortment of villains ranging from conquerors, powerful androids, intergalactic space fighters and other indestructible powerful creatures. Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of Goku’s adult life and maturation process of his son, Gohan, along with the evolution of Vegeta and Piccolo which were his rivals from enemies to allies.

Goku has light tan complexion having spiky hair wearing his trademark orange, red, golden jumpsuit or gi and a dark blue undershirt. After the Frieza Saga, Goku's outfit and gi turns darker orange under a red bordered dark blue boots with beige/yellow laces, and dark blue wristbands. Goku’s casual Earth outfit is white shirt under a black and orange long-sleeved jacket, lime-green pants, and dark brown boots. As a Super Saiyan 4, he loses his gi having his tail back, wilder and longer hair, red-linered golden-yellow eyes, blue stockings and wristbands with stone blue sash around waist, and body was covered with scarlet fur.

Gohan, his son, has light peach skin with black hair and eyes, wears a blue shirt underneath the orange jumpsuit with light blue sash belt, blue boots and wristbands.

Piccolo wears dark purplish blue gi and light pale blue obi or sash. He also wears white cape and turban when not in serious fight.

Vegeta like most Saiyans, he has jet black hair and eyes. He is the only Saiyan who continue to wear the traditional armour under a dark blue long-sleeved gi with white boots and gloves. On earth, He wears dark blue sleeveless jumpsuit with white boots and gloves.