This is all about young boy who discovered that he will become the next boss of a powerful Mafia organization, the Vongola Family. Tsunayoshi Sawada is then trained how to be a boss by Reborn, the Vongola’s most powerful infant hitman. Tsuna short teenage boy having brown-orange eyes, spiky brown hair wears usually school uniform, a white polo shirt with loose dark blue tie under a black blazer, black pants, and red sneakers. And as he goes on with his journey, he starts to wear casual clothes like an orange hooded zippered jacket, dark green trousers, and sneakers.

Along his journey, he makes friends like Kyoko Sasagawa whom he admired. She has bright honey eyes, neck-length golden brown hair with bangs falling down her eyes, usually wears school uniform in white long sleeve polo with red ribbon bow under a sleeveless v-neck cardigan, short dark brown skirt, black socks, and dark brown shoes. In the future, she is seen wearing ruffled end mint green dress under a open zippered dark green hooded jacket, and black loafers with long flowy light brown hair with bangs.

However, Xanxus, a member of Varia’s boss, a Vongola assassin squad wanted to initiate competition with Tsuna to see who will be the next Vongola boss. He has spiky hair with buzz cut on both sides, adorned his nape with animal tail (a raccoon) and feathers coming from his left shoulder and rest in front. He has also full-body scars, obviously on his left cheek, wears Varia uniform jacket that wore on shoulders making it look like a cape and under it is a white dress shirt with loose tie, black pants, and black boots. Ten years later, his grown hair is not spiky anymore and just adorned with few feathers and beads, and wears pirate boots having exaggerated fold-over cuffs.