Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Aladdin has been lonely for entire life and travels the world. He is a small young man having medium length blue hair for a man with long thin braid falling on his back and bangs falling on his eyes. He also has large blue eyes that wears a white magic turban on his head with a ruby gem on forehead connected that makes him fly, wears a small open blue vest with bandages wound wrapped around his chest, a puffy long white Arabian pants with a long flesh sash worn on hips tied on the front remaining  the long edge, barefooted, and carries a golden flute around his neck. After trained from Magnostadt Academy, Aladdin wears magician robes with no more turban but still has the ruby tied in a golden chain use a headpiece.

Along his journey, he met Alibaba who aim to explore the Amon dungeon and gets its treasures. Alibaba is a average height young man with golden eyes and nape-length blonde hair with bangs and thick ahoge, wears a traditonal white Arabian outfit with red sash wrapped around his waist holding his knife, black boots with blue stripes on left leg and black light-pointed flat shoes on right, a small red rope tied on his neck, earring on one ear or two read earrings at the top of left ear.

They become friends and join together conquer Amon and faced Jamil. They met Morgiana who was the only who escape from Jamil. She has red or pink eyes and red or pink medium-length hair, wears short flowy wide sleeveless white dress with a small black rope around her waist, leg and wrist chains, barefooted, and a necklace which is her backup vessel.