This story is all about Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja who dreamed to be Hokage. Naruto has yellowish-blonde spiky hair and blue eyes resembling his father, three diagonal straight marks on his cheeks, wears blue upper shoulder and blue waist orange tracksuit with large white collar over a black, white, or navy green shirt with fire symbol on front, orange trousers with shuriken holster on right knee, blue forehead protector, and blue sandals. During the fourth Shinobi World War, he grew taller with cropped short hair, black elastic headband, orange zipper black jacket, red armband with Uzumaki symbol, and sandals. After becoming Hokage, he wears a black striped orange sweatshirt, black trousers, sandals, and wears the Hokage traditional headpiece, red flame motif white cape held by a red rope.

Sasuke Uchiha wanted the power of Orochimaru that made him join the Akatsuki and brother of Itachi, who killed their whole clan. Sasuke has bluish-black spiky back hair with chin-length bangs parted down on both sides of face and black eyes, stiff collared navy blue short-sleeved shirt with white warmers and Uchiha symbol on back, white shorts, blue forehead protector. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he wears a navy blue sash around his head tying his spiky hair down, high-collared black shirt, tattered light blue pants with ankles wrapped with bandages down to his sandals, navy blue forehead protector and forearm bandages, and tattered brown poncho concealing his missing arm over a midriff jacket.

And Sakura Haruno, has fair skin, large green eyes, neck length bright pink hair, wears a red short-sleeved qipao dress with circular designs, tight dark green shorts, ninja sandals, and forehead protector. After the Fourth Shinobi war, Sakura has chin-length hair with bangs parted on left side, red cloth forehead protector as hairband, wears a sleeveless qipao dress reaching his upper thighs over a black shorts, black gloves, knee protector, and gray elbow protector.