Soul Eater series is set in Death Weapon Meister Academy which depicts the adventures of three teams. Maka Albarn and partner Soul Eater, Black Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Death the Kid and partner Liz and Patty Thompson, who were tasked to collect 99 evil human souls and one witch to turn them into “death scythes” to be able used by the Shinigami, the person who run the school.

Maka Albarn, a petite girl with large forest green eyes, grayish ash-blonde hair tied in pigtails with eye-length bangs who dressed in a typical schoolgirl; a white blouse under yellow sweater vest with white striped green tie, red and black checkered skirt , black boots with white buckles, and finished it with a cloak-like end trench coat and white gloves. Her partner Soul Eater, has spiky silver hair that spiked on left side direction, shark-like teeth, usually wears a hoodie black and yellow buttoned up jacket, maroon pants, and yellow and black shoes.

Black Star, is a young boy having green eyes that when he’s mad his pupils are star-shape, spiky bright blue hair with spikes forming like a star-shape, wears a funnel-like collared with rivets black sleeveless shirt, short-length white trousers but black from the knee down with rivets on pockets, strips that wrapped around his waist forming belt and around his neck forming a scarf, white tipped black boots with star on the toe, gray fingerless gloves, star adorned band with heavy wrist weight and star tattoo on his right shoulder. His partner Tsubaki, is attractive tall young woman having large indigo eyes, long black ponytailed hair with loop-tied hair strands at side of face, wears a short pale yellow sleeveless dress with side slit and bright yellow star on the right side chest paired with dark brown scarf and knee starting tight dark brown stocking on right leg, white boots, sash on waist, sweatband on wrists, and black and gray bandages on shoulder down her arms. And Death the Kid, has his trademark black with three white lines on the left side of his hair.