A rich and carefree Oz was darkened because of his father constant absence. And everything changes when time of his coming-of-age ceremony. He is cast to “Abyss”, a prison and saved by the Bloodstained Black Rabbit named Alice. The story then begins as he unravels the Abyss, the mystery behind Alice, and Pandora organization.

Oz is just a simple pair of black rabbit dolls with beaded tiny red eyes, round bodies with disproportionately stubby long arms, a stitched mouth, and large bow on chest. Being B-Rabbit, he retained his red eyes and black fur and wears the bow under a white collared red overcoat with diamonds that line down the arms. When he altered Jack’s body and made his own, he appears to be tall with golden blonde hair, emerald green eyes, wears a red overcoat over a white dress shirt with black tie, gray vest, shorts, socks, and shoes.

Alice, as human, she has long brown hair, purple eyes, wears a white diamond design red coat, black tight skirt, white laced-up, and heeled boots. In released form, she was a black rabbit with red pupils, fangs, giant scythe and wears same outfit in human form but in black pants.

Jack Vessalius, the tragedy’s instigator to plunge the world into Abyss and able to reunite his soul and Lacie’s. Jack has messy chin-length blonde hair but has long braid on the back running down up to his thighs, emerald green eyes, long golden eyelashes, wears earrings in magenta, purple or blue that was given by Lacie. He also wears a green with gold long coat over a white ruffled blouse, skin-tight white pants under a black and white knee-high boots, and white gloves.