The story depicts the quest of Ask Ketchum and he’s group of friends as they travel around Pokemon world with their Pokemon partners. Ash has light brown eyes, fly away short black hair who always wear a red cap either with a white forehead with an L sign or a black with downward half circle with a dot below. He wears a loose pants in black, blue, light blue and blue partnered with stiff collared zipped up short-sleeved shirt or hooded shirt depending and shoes depending on his outfit, red, white, or blue. His Pokemon partner is Picachu, the most famous small, chubby and cute mouse-like that’s almost covered by yellow fur, black tipped yellow ears, two brown stripes on his back, red circle blush on cheeks, and lightning bolt shape large tail.

Another character was Misty, Ash friend who has side ponytailed short spiky orange hair with bangs, wears yellow midriff tank top with red suspenders tied on light blue high-waist denim shorts, and white and red shoes with yellow streak shoes. Tracey Sketchit, a Pokemon master having black butterfly style hair with tangerine headband on forehead, wears short-sleeved green shirt with dark green border, dark red shorts, purple tennis shoes, and orange backpack.

And the epic villains Team Rocket, Jessie, James and Meowth who wish to steal Picachu from Ash. Jessie has tail-like long red hair with coiled up hair end wearing big green pearl earrings, trademark uniform, a longsleeve white cropped top with big red R on center and black midriff underneath, a short white bandage skirt, thigh-high black boots, and black long gloves. However, James has butterfly bluish-purple chin-length hair, wears uniform same as Jessie but in pants and normal-high boots. And Meowth, the 3rd member of the group, is a peach cat with brown feet and brown tail edge.