The story is all about the adventures Usagi Tsukino as she search for the Legendary Silver Crystal along with the Sailor Soldiers battling against the villains to protect the Silver Cystal and prevent to destruction of Solar System.

Usagi Tsukino befriends Luna, a black talking Sailor’s adviser sleek furred cat with crescent moon on her forehead. Luna gave Tsukino a magical brooch endowing her to become Sailor Moon. Tsukino has odango style yellow blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears her blue skirt, white longsleeve blouse with red ribbon tie. As Sailor Moon, her motif is same with her school uniform but all in short length, red knee-high boots and white long gloves with red ankle edge.

Sailor Mercury Ami Mizuno is a studios school girl having neck-length dark blue hair, blue eyes, sometimes wears an eyeglasses and same school uniform as Tsukino. When in magic, she has blue and white motif; short blue skirt, short-sleeved top with light blue ribbon, blue knee-high boots, and long white gloves with blue edges.

Sailor Mars Rei Hino, a shrine maiden has long black hair, dark brown eyes sometimes purple, wears private school uniform in black skirt, black collar with red stripes gray blouse with red bow, white socks and black shoes. As Sailor Mars, she wears red and white motif same style with others but her violet bow and red pumps.

Sailor Jupiter Makoto Kino, a transfer student with ponytailed purplish-brown hair, wears brown uniform. As Sailor Venus, she has green and white motif but pink bow and short green boots. And Sailor Venus Minako Aino, an aspiring idol having bright yellow hair, blue eyes, wears same uniform style and color as Tsukino but use neckerchief instead of bow. Her magical appearance is orange and white motif but wears blue bow and orange heels.