This is an Online Role Playing game where characters in the game are controlled by players using their minds. However, they discover later after they log into SAO that they can’t log out and the only way to be free is to reach 100th floor to defeat the final boss. And if their avatars defeated in game and die, their real world bodies also will die.

Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya was one of the players, usually wears dark colored clothes in real world. He also wears hand-sewn leather shoes paired with pale blue hand-sewn short-sleeved shirt and trousers. Later, he became elite swordsmen in the Sword Master Academy wearing pitch black uniform.  His avatar character has delicate face mistaken to be a girl, having long and neat black hair with black eyes wearing V-neck shirt, black pants with black belt having large silver buckle under a black trench coat with gray lining sleeves, silver plated black boots, fingerless black gloves, and strap over his shoulder wrapping his left side.

Kirito fell in love with his Asuna, a female player having hazel eyes with long brown-orange chestnut hair. Her SAO avatar earlier appears in red leather tunic with lightweight copper breastplate, leather pants under a knee-high boots along with a hooded cape. As Titania, she wears a white midriff tube top along with long white skirt, a red ribbon around her topmost part making a bow, and just barefoot with a white strip around her ankles.

Another character was Sogou Nobuyuki, he has short black brush up hair, dark eyes with eyeglasses and usually wears business suit, polo with red tie under a blazer and slacks. His avatar character was Oberon, a pale skinned man having has green eyes, shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a crown, dark green long robe, green cloak with emerald-like jewel, long pointed ears and green wings.

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