Tokyo Ghoul have been steering the cosplay scene for quite sometime now and have played a major part in the Manga magazine. Among the popular protagonists in the Tokyo Ghoul, is Ken Kaneki. Ken Kaneki was formerly studying Japanese Literature at Kamii University. However, he let Rize transplant a kakuhou into him and made him into a One-Eyed Ghoul.
Tokyo Ghoul is known for its crazy zombie police hybrids, starring the collegiate bookworm hybrid, Ken Kaneki. This popular Tokyo Ghoul cosplay will come into interactive life. It will be available in the Playstation Vita role-playing game. The adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul cosplay’s manga and anime will be a great hit for all anime and other Tokyo Ghoul cosplay addicts. The avid followers of manga will certainly have a big say on their new sets of Tokyo Ghoul costumes once they get to interact with other cosplayers.
Yes, it’s a no brainer and absolutely no surprise that the dark and sexy existence of Tokyo Ghoul costumes has become a trending topic worldwide. Much of the cosplayers have come to embrace the image of Ken Kaneki’s pierced, tatted, stitched and off looking Tokyo Ghoul cosplay.
Ken Kaneki often wears a standard Anteiku waiter uniform, which is usually a black trouser coupled with grey waistcoat over a white dress shirt and a brown necktie.
Ken Kaneki’s Tokyo Ghoul costume is known for a dark emo feel with a medical patch that covers the left eye. The ghoul mask resembles a leather gimp with an eye patch on it. Additionally, it only bares a lipless mouth, showing only the teeth, somewhat compared to a restrained asylum monster.
Meanwhile the bolts sticking out of the neck is sending a message that the one wearing this kind of Tokyo Ghoul costume is an artificial ghoul, which gives a Frankenstein look. The hair is also turned into color white while the nails become black. This physical turning point is due to Ken Kaneki’s past experience, wherein he was tortured by Yamori for at least ten days. Thus, giving him enough reason to be really stressed out, extremely tired and emotionally traumatized.