About Cosplayful.com

Cosplayful.com is a company dedicated to selling quality costumes, excellent customer service, and fast delivery. We were tired of other companies delivering cheap quality costumes in months, sometimes too late for the event they were purchased for. We decided to take matters into our own hands.


Quality Products


We ship only quality approved costumes to our customers. These costumes are hand made by professional tailors. Some of the varieties of these costumes were innovated with us.


Low Prices


Many companies charged you an arm and a leg for the costume and then had the nerve to charge you the second arm and a leg for the shipping. That nonsense is removed as we have low prices on our costumes and we've cut out the shipping costs, you don't pay a dime in shipping. If taxes or shipping were charged we will refund you the full cost when we receive a confirmation or proof of the charge.


Fast Shipping


We couldn't stand how some companies would make customers wait upwards of two months to deliver costumes. One of our highest priorities is getting the quality costumes to our customer as fast as possible.


Customer Service


We pride ourselves on our quick response time to all customer problems and reports through email. If you have a question or request you can expect a response from our customer service staff within 12 hours of your inquiry, 7 days a week.


Privacy Guarantee


In order to provide the greatest security possible to our customers, we provide Google Checkout and Paypal as our methods of payment. The only information we ever request or receive from our customers is Name and Shipping address, everything else requested requires consent from the customer.


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