Return Policy

Because all cosplay costumes are custom made, returns will not be accepted, if in the case of extreme circumstances please notify our return service ( department as quickly as possible, and make sure to have photo verification of the product in question, as well as the valid order number, and customer name. We will evaluate the case and issue a Return Authorization if the case is approved for a valid partial refund. After 7 days upon delivery of the product or 14 days after the product has shipped, whichever is shorter, it will no longer be an option for refund.

Please note that we are not responsible for any dissatisfaction with sizes caused by the buyer leaving wrong sizes in the corresponding fields, or selecting the wrong general size.

Please also note that the event date is only for helping us to priorize orders. We DO NOT guarantee arrival date. Missing event date will not qualify a reason for returning or exchanges or any refunds.

Chromatic aberration can occur due to the PC monitor alteration, material may differ from the customer's imaginations, and customers may not be satisfied with the costume. Return Authorizations will NOT be granted to these problems, but not limited to these problems alone. If you believe a reason for returning the item is warranted please contact our customer services within 7 days product delivery.

Please note that during the returning or exchanging process, the sender will be responsible for the shipping fee.  Which means the customer is responsible for the shipping fee for returning the product to us, and we will be responsible for the shipping when returning the product to the customer.

If the tracking number is shown in a location and is not moving for many days, the product may be considered lost.  In a situation such as described above, Cosplayful will conduct a short inquiry, at which time will find out if the product is truly lost or simply held for other unforeseeable issues beyond Cosplayful’s control.  If the product is lost, Cosplayful will take responsibility and refund the customer.  However, it is the responsibility of the customer to bring such issues to the attention of Cosplayful within 30 days of a product being shipped.

Due to their price level Clearance goods will never receive a Return Authorization. Clearance goods may have some minor defects, but are not considered damaged. These goods may or may not be considered lower quality to our quality assurance. The customer will be informed of any defects on these Clearance items in the product's description.

All goods that are mailed to us without a Return Authorization that are lost or displaced will NOT be the responsibility of Cosplayful and will not be a reason for a refund.

Other invalid reasons for refund include, but are not limited to, returns caused by invalid address provided by customer, package rejected, and failure to pay the import tax/tariff/duties. It is the customer's responsibility to pay the import tax/tariff/duties.  Failure to follow the Return Authorization process will mean all liability of the loss of the product to the customer.

Refund amounts will be determined by the situation of the return process.  Returns once the tailoring or crafting process have been started will only be available to up to 70% of the cost of the product.  This includes but is not limited to damage or issues that are determined to be out of our control through the shipping process.  

The event date of an order does not guarantee the product will arrive by that date, and is only a convenience that allows us to rush orders in an attempt to get them to you faster when possible.   A return authorization will not be given if a product is does not arrive by the event date and it is always suggested to make purchases of our cosplay a good deal of time prior to the convention in order to make it sure it arrives for that convention with time to spare.  If we believe a costume would be unable to be completed by we will notify the customer within 12 hours and will have necessary information on cancelling or continuing the order in that notification, once again this is for the convenience of the customer and does not guarantee that if there is no notification has been given that the costume will arrive by the event date.

Cancelled orders will also be refunded in amounts based on the completion of the process.  If an order is cancelled, but the tailoring and crafting process are completed then only 25% of the product cost will be refunded.  Depending on the cancellation time a refund could be up to 75% of the product cost.  If absolutely no work has begun in the process then a full refund may be possible.  After a product has been shipped it is no longer possible to cancel the order and no refund authorization will be given on the basis of cancellation.  It is absolutely necessary for a customer desiring to cancel an order do so as quickly as possible by sending an email to or calling our business line during regular business hours posted on our contact us page.